Europe 2008

August 2008: My internship in Groningen, the Netherlands is over and with it my stay in that town. So I have to move back. Back from a town of cyclists, no hills, with young people speaking a lovely language that others consider a throat disease, back to a town which - said in short words - is the opposite. In order to limit the cultural shock and in the same time having my obligatory bicycle vacations I decide to go back by bike. Luckily my parents come and pick up all the stuff that I had here for living so that I only have to take the things that I need for the vacations.
Another point is the Czech recumbent bike meeting in about two weeks where I want to take part anyway. And still another point is the idea to see some hills or even mountains after a half year of even landscape only. Oh yes... still one more. I haven't visited my brother in his own flat yet. So the basic conditions are set. I don't want to take the direct way but first go to the south for the mountains which I would get with the Ardennes. Then I want to turn east in order to get to the Saxonian Vogtland where my brother lives. From there it's only a trip across the Czech Republic to come to Hodonín, the place of the recumbent meeting. Hodonín is in the country triangle of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Anything left? Ah... well, afterwards I could cycle home.
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